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Monday, 25 August 2014


Konon nk buat group activity with the class..tp x prepare.just grab any questions on the table without knowing that is the set of "Belaian Kasih" (Hots question)..plus it is without the answer scheme..so end up x sempat abes discuss all the questions pun...lol.cikgu pun pening dgn tahap kbat soalan..  adoii...

Ni gambar masa budak2 2m2s14 tgh memerah otak pk solution..ngeh3


My 2nd anniversary... tq for everything hubby..abg selalu ada whenever i need u..we love u till the end.may our love last to jannah..aminn.

A simple surprise to him really made my day.. heheh. Lupakan kejap masalah dunia.appreciate the world as it is and enjoy every bit of it with your loved ones..insyaAllah..

Testing blogspot on the go

Dah sedih fefeeling baru nk ingt blog..ceh..ok.ni testing je tau.entry lain aku cter.kbai