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Monday, 6 June 2011

done 4 papers...1 left..go!! go!! go!!

alhamdulillah selesai satu lg paper special functions tgahari td..agak susah berbanding exercises given before..mmg dh aware pun that the question might be tricky...but i didnt expect it will be THAT SUPER tricky...ergh.. really hope for the best..uhuks..harap2 at least, dpatla lulus..ya Allah..tolong hambamu ini yg dh berusaha.. :( Allah knows the best..insyaAllah..

and regarding the previous paper i sit 3 days ago which is Formal Languages and Automata, alhamdulillah sgt2..i think i managed to answer almost all da questions very well.. but still i really hope dat it worths BANYAK marks so that it will help to cover my previous not so cantik grades..*malu-malu*..

cant wait to finish my exam on this coming Thursday which is Mathematical Finance I. ehehe...sabau ye..masa merdeka, 3pm thursday 9th june 2011..masa merdeka sudah ditetapkan.

oh yerk..before i forgot..still need to present my final project poster..on 16june 2011..yg ni pun satu hal...harap2 things will go smoothly without so many SONGEH..uhuu...please do pray for me ya whoever has come and visit my blog in here...less than 2 months, akan berpeluang la nk pakai jubah convo tu..hee.. but the sad thing is, i will celebrate my big day without my parents, not even with any other family members..faham..jauh..ma abah will not be 'cekat' to come here..jauh tu adik oi..nnti grad dekat maktab nnti ma janji ma pegi..uhuks..ma always know how to pujuk me in any situations..same goes with my abah..abah always be there when i need strength and motivation in stdies..love u ma..love u abah..doakan adik kat sini..i will be back home less than 2 months from now to see you my lovelies..muuuaahhh...~~